Start-Ups, Mobile Social Apps and Coding School for All

Of late, I’ve been reading more information about start-ups. I am not sure if the trend is something born out of an interest of my own, or if it’s the circles I’m keeping, but I see it. Perhaps it’s a combination of things, either way I thought I would share a few thoughts and links to interesting articles on start-ups, social mobile apps, and thoughts on coding school.

Private Sharing + Some Start-Ups

In the past week or two, you, like me, may have heard the predictions toward more private sharing of information in 2012. Harris Interactive, commissioned by Posterous, polled 2K people on their new year’s resolutions. The most heralded results where that 44% of people polled set a resolution to “share only with close friends and family.” Similarly, 42% suggested that they wanted to “be more careful about what they share” online.  Many of us like the idea of more filtered, purposeful, and private social media sharing.

Path has been growing an active and sizable user-base lately.

Mobile app, and social network Path has received a fair amount of attention lately for being darling child of the moment as an increased preference for private sharing emerges.

Michael Arrington’s No One Goes to Facebook Anymore It’s Too Crowded, along with Loic Le Meur’s Path is Where the A List Hangs Out, Don’t Tell Anyone both touch on the subject. Path though not alone in the more-private sharing sphere (see Posterous and Outspot) has been hitting it’s stride of late scoring 100K user (past Oct.) and enjoying a 30% hike in activity since (Nov.) relaunch.

In start-up talk I uncovered a list of Y Combinator (as well as other incubators) funded projects; 500 Start-Ups list of ventures is another lead on new tech sites. Some friends of mine are launching a very cool start-up geared toward helping creatives build useful networks of suppliers, partners, etc. Sign up for private beta now.

Both Tech Crunch and Mashable have fresh, interesting articles on start-ups. Start-up Weekend’s wrap up; and Start-Ups to Watch respectively. Also, Forbes gets in the action with a post on New York city’s burgeoning Tech scene. Lastly, AngelList – new to me – provides a good list of tech tools and sites for consideration (new tools = new abilities). I like Parking Panda.

Social Apps Anyone?

Another topic, revived of late, has been that of apps. From It’s 2012. Should My Brand Build a Social App?, to “The Future of Apps…” I am seeing some thoughtful inquiry toward the business function and desire of having an app for that – (whatever ‘that’ may be).

Coding School for All! – Wait, what?

Learn to code | Codeacademy
CodeAcademy, with it's Learn to Code campaign, capitalizes on genuine interest and time of year to generate some buzz.

A meme in itself, a proliferation of CodeAcademy has inspired many resolutions in past week or two. Learn to code is an alluring command as so many of us find ourselves empowered, and yet magnetized to the Internet. I’m not sure everyone needs to code (New York’s Mayor), but damn if I wouldn’t like to know more than I do.

I have basic HTML knowledge, and don’t mean to discourage anyone from bettering themselves with a little developer knowledge. The ‘bandwagon’ though does roll around a gather people up though from time to time. I wonder how many new year’s resolutions – in general – are being fulfilled each year come March.


In the bonus section this week I’m going to share a Stuck in Customs post shared with me via Om and Ross, DSLRs Are a Dying Breed – 3 Generation Cameras are the Future. How’s about a peek into the future?

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.

Twitter Introduces Site Redesign, Embeddable Tweets, and Brand Pages

Thursday December 8th, 2011 Twitter introduced a redesign and new user features via the Official Twitter blog, the Twitter developers blog, and the Twitter advertising blog. Read on for a quick look, and discussion on what the changes mean for users, marketers, and Twitter.

New design

Micro-blogging site Twitter has (recently) introduced a new design to its users. Twitter claims that the new design is a means to enhance the user’s ability “to connect with what matters to you”, and to “discover more”. Statements from the official Twitter blog claim, “We’ll be rolling out the redesigned Twitter over the next few weeks.” And, “You can get early access on your computer by downloading and logging into Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android.”

The simplified version of twitter effects, twitter’s mobile apps, and twitter companion service Tweetdeck. Some of the more notable changes include the ability to open tweets to view rich media such as photo files, and videos. The user’s dashboard has been redesigned, and now features a more streamlined look and feel. Additional changes include the use of ‘interactions’ in place of what formerly was retweets, replies, and mentions.

Notably, elements in the top bar (e.g. @Connect, and #Discover) are new from the redesign. They are part of Twitter’s hope that users will use, and see, the service as a discovery tool.

Embedable tweets

On the same day Twitter introduced the new version of, the communications platform also highlighted new user capabilities via embeddable tweets. *Embeddable tweets allow users to reference, catalog, and/or to showcase tweets on other websites, specifically blogs. For instance, a user can now take a tweet from a user, including a celebrity or an organization, and they can add this tweet to a blog post (see below).

[tweet align=’center’]

The tweet will show up on the blog post dynamically, as you see above, allowing viewers to interact with the tweet via hyperlinks and real-time functionality. Give it a try. You can click on the username, follow, retweet, reply, or favorite the original message right from this blog post. (*Currently the two listed blog platforms that are working with embeddable tweets are WordPress and Posterous.)

Brand pages 

Twitter Brand Pages
Twitter Brand Pages

A third major component to Twitter’s announcements on Thursday was that of Twitter Brand Pages.  The company announced that 21 advertising partners had joined ranks with Twitter to launch this new feature which will allow businesses a more robust and controlled presence on the platform. Participating brands include…

Key features (to what must be an early version of brand pages) include auto-expanding tweets, which fully display rich media such as videos; the ability to have a featured, or ‘promoted tweet’ display at the top of the brand’s page; and the ability to display corporate logos and other images in a more prominent manner than before. Twitter brand pages are free and will be open to other businesses eventually.

For more on Twitter’s announcements and what it means for users, please visit the links provided at the top of this post. Thanks for reading!