South by Southwest 2013 Livestream Schedule – Keynotes & Sessions

It’s that time of year again folks, and I don’t mean Spring. It’s time to (fill out a bracket and to) review the livestream schedule at south by southwest.

As you may know from years past when I’ve written before about the super conference, (SXSW, Will you be there?sxsw livestream links & schedule (2012) I’m convinced that there are valuable things being shared there. And while the crowds have grown exponentially in recent years, the number of keynotes and session panels being livestreamed from the event have also become more numerous as the interactive portion grows more popular.

So, without further delay, may I point you to this year’s schedule … Note: Over the course of the next week there may be other, off beat livestreaming of events in Austin. I’ll update, but please share in the comments if you find something noteworthy. Enjoy!

SXSW Interactive Live Streaming Schedule:

Friday, March 8

Opening Remarks from Bre Petis
2:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Tales of US Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley
3:30pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Technology, Imagination & Exponential Thinking
5:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Saturday, March 9

Digital Reality: Life in Two Worlds
12:30pm, ACC Ballroom D

Elon Musk Keynote
2:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Al Gore on The Future
3:30pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Sunday, March 10

Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business
11:00am, ACC Ballroom D

Go Fund Yourself
12:30pm, ACC Ballroom D

Tina Roth Eisenberg Keynote
2pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Monday, March 11

The Computational Future: A Preview
11:00am, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

100 Year Starship: Interstellar Travel & Beyond
12:30pm, ACC Ballroom D

Julie Uhrman & Josh Topolsky Keynote
2:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Tuesday, March 12

Jane Pratt: Secrets of a Publishing Renegade 
11:00am, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Matthew Inman Keynote
2:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Peter Thiel: You Are Not A Lottery Ticket
3:30pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Bruce Sterling Closing Remarks
5:00pm, ACC Exhibit Hall 5

Interactive Award Ceremony
6:00pm, Hilton Austin Downtown

2012 SXSW LIVESTREAM Links and Schedule Listings

Not attending South By this year?

Me either.

…But I did find a few links to various pages that say they’ll be livestreaming events from Austin. Schedule and links are below. Enjoy.

**UPDATED – 3.10.12: All times listed are Central Standard time. / Click image or main link to be taken to the livestream page. 

2012 SXSW Interactive

The Interactive Keynotes and Panels being livestreamed

From the Web site:

SXSW Interactive Keynotes and Featured Speakers will be streamed live on, allowing site visitors to participate in SXSW Interactive from around the globe, thanks to Internet Explorer 9.

March 9-18, 2012
Visit at the times listed to see the panels and keynotes.

Friday, March 9

Saturday, March 10

Sunday, March 11

Monday, March 12

Tuesday, March 13

Other noteworthy offers on the interactive side: 

(*Also, it’s probably worth heading over to the SXSW YouTube page and subscribing there if you haven’t. A good mix of things coming from that channel.)

FILM: Get Your Film Fix

IFC or the Independent Film Channel will have provide coverage, and likely some live, of the Film portion of South By Southwest.

MUSIC: Turn on the Tunes

NPR or (ha – National Public Radio) will showcase some musicians and their music, ideas, etc. including a Keynote by Bruce Springsteen on Thursday, March 15th at 1 pm EST. NPR Live from Austin

On the Plane

Sitting  on the plane on my way to sxsw. Flipping between my counter-culture magazine and a book on gaining political and marketing power through effective communication a 7 inch monitor embedded in the back of the seat in front of me 20 inches from my face flashes with the hyper-consumerism my magazine tells me to subvert.

I’m glad for a depature of the norm. It is – at least half true – what they say, that, “the road heals all wounds”. Luckily I’m already getting that “actualized” feeling that often comes with travel and i’m reminded even as i write of the history of travel writers. Their lineage is full with half-baked stories of fantasy too grand for illustration.

Yet, my hope entails the expression of these moments. Moments when the traveler finds something too great to express – something too grand to behold. Yet, there we go, traveling on into depths of self-discovery, into unchartered territories for perhaps the greater good, or even more possibly selfish reasons.

Whatever it is that compels us to travel, i’m content – for the moment – to simply propose my theories about it and document.

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